Honeymoon Photobook

I am a big fan of Photobook Malaysia ever since I did my wedding photo album with them.

So since February is the season of love – I decided as a special project – I made another photobook with our Singapore and Cameron Highlands anniversary trip pictures. It turned out really well.

Plus – now with Ready Books – less work needed to make a gorgeous photo album like I had. You just insert the pictures in the templates and walla… finished.

And they always have awesome promotions at their facebook page so you can get big sized coffee table books at half the price. A bargain.

13 thoughts on “Honeymoon Photobook

  1. looks like my wedding album that i splurged thousands for it!!
    thats awesome..if only im soo rajin like youπŸ˜‰

  2. nao –:) since I am doing this as a free promo – can I get extra discounts on my next purchase – LOL

    bride2wife – seriously babe – it only cost me less than Rm120 for it *yeah I am not kidding* and it is really easy to make one with ready books.
    although I do wish they come out with other templates soon

  3. owh yes babe! im a big fan too. i pon baru nak buat photobook for pre wedding n honeymoon. sangat worth it ekπŸ˜€

    i love urs!

  4. yes i pun buat dgn photobook…mase time engagement dulu…tpi kertas dia cepat aging…now dia dh up to new grade of paper

  5. zira – yeker – my wedding photobook so far ok – kalau tak nak buat balik aa… hehehe…

    nao – ur welcome

    tasha – plz do one too and share the outcome ok..:) I am sure it’ll be gorgeous

    fathiyah – tak nak buat maternity photoshoot ka?πŸ˜‰

  6. I made my pre-wedding book with Pixajoy – http://www.pixajoy.com.my . I buat comparison dengan Photobook, Pixajoy lagi affordable, dapat diskaun lagi. Quality is very good and their templates look really beautiful. Ada ready made designs juga, arrangement all done, so just drag & drop our photos. Really really easy. I definitely recommend Pixajoy.

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