Krabi honeymoon tips for Muslim tourist

Sabsabby emailed me for regarding honeymoon in Krabi recommendations. I think I might as well do a special post on it. Before going to Krabi – I asked for tips from my boss who already went and went to forums like malaysianbrides for tips. Also websites like 1stopkrabi and yourkrabi helped too.

–For hotel that offer halal food – you can check it here or at here.

Wanna’s place — the food is good. That I can vouch for myself and hubby.

Sorry — gambar tak menjadi sangat.




The one that had nice reviews would be Aonang Princeville. This is a Muslim owned hotel. Other hotels that I hear good reviews would be Pakasai resort and Krabi La Playa. I also recommend the hotel that I stayed, The Small. If you want to stay in Krabi town there is Sripet hotel.

Or you can always do Muslim village homestay — tapi tak jadi macam honeymoon lah jawabnya.

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13 thoughts on “Krabi honeymoon tips for Muslim tourist

  1. tq soo much, hari tu ada melihat lihat aonang princeville, one of muslim owned kan, better kot, fiance approve je book tics but then bila bab hotel dia tanya mana hotel nak duk, i said anywhere la, like pakasai ke, ok jugak kan, then makan tu makan vege n fruits la for breakfast, then lunch dinner ofcos leh makan luar terus marah org tu.. hehe mengelupur jap i cari info pasal muslim owned hotel..:)

    eh how come i miss ur krabi entry.. i baca part 1 sahaja dulu2..

  2. hey dear…thanks for the info….really helpfull…first i wanted pakasai sbb cantik..but i think for habib food is more important..hehehehe…

  3. sab – I think for guys — food is the only inmportant thing

    anil – glad to be of help

    nurul – so u nak ambik aonang prince I guess ?

  4. tak sure lg mcm mana, aonang nampak oklah but look bit old ek? btw its like 8 months to go, for accomodation maybe later kot figure out, thanks to u at least we have an idea on where to stay..:)

    best western tak halal kan? lastime i went to medan i duk best western sana, tapi halal la, maybe vary according to country..

  5. nurul – I tell u what.. if u want a really cun hotel — a better pick would be to stay at the bigger resorts like centara or pakasai or la playa. But obviously not halal food in the hotel.
    But then — beside breakfast — other times your probably went out and eat elsewhere anyway right. Bukannya makan breakfast, dinner & lunch kat hotel. I personally not a fan of hotel food in general — I prefer go out and get food in restaurants outside or buy sumthing from the convenience store like bread etc and eat in the room.

  6. hai there, very I plan nk g sana this year, tp ingt nk stay kat La Playa hotel tp mcm musykil lak psl food dia. Halal ke x? harap you dpt membantu.

  7. hai enzie – when we ask — mmg tak ada pork.. claim halal tapi tak ada lah macam malaysia ada signboard halal or not but then kitorang mmg tak makan mainly kat hotel – cuma makan breakfast jer. most of the time makan kat restaurant yang kat aonang beach.
    kalau you rasa was2 and prefer makan kat hotel,– sumkit buri, sripet & aonang prince are on the halal list

  8. salam…saya husna. nak tnye, did u book your hotel and flight ticket skali yg under go air asia? i plan to go to krabi too for my honeymoon…tp sbb ada baca review that some hotels yg under go air asia tu sebenarnya tkde kaitan pun dgn air asia…meaning that people book melalui go air asia tp bila sampai hotel, the hotel said tkde tempahan pun…huuuhu

  9. husna – I mmg ambik package airasiago – yang hotel+air tix. You tunjuk resit yang print out at the hotel – that’s all.. but then it was in 2009 I don’t know now macammana whether it is same or not..

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