My hantaran for him

My hantaran for him slideshow

Everything is done DIY by my beloved mum. My gubahan hantaran actually were ready 1 month before the wedding because my mum terover excited to do the hantaran. Cupcakes were from Myracupcakes. Ring from Bausch K – stainless steel for the extra macho-ness and because I am stuck with a budget. I thought it is value for money. You can get it engraved and it comes with a warranty.

Shoes from Hush Puppies. Wallet and belt from Jusco (can’t remember the brand). Shirt from Bonia. Towels got it from Sogo. Sejadah got it at Nilai. Chocolates – the gold coloured bars on the ring tray — were actually normal chocolate bars I got from Mydin — you know the bundle ones  Rm 10 per packet. Mix it with a few Ferrero Rochers  – see, do not need overpriced chocolates to make your hantaran looked classy.

The artificial flowers used were from SSF. For the sirih junjung only – we used fresh flowers from Floristika.

I am really glad that I got a creative person like my mum to DIY my hantaran — really managed to save budget  a lot there. I cringe when I heard a neighbour/relative had to pay more than RM100 per hantaran tray – imagine if you had 7-9 hantaran trays –> easily reach up to RM 1K.

Seriously – for hantaran –> I am in favour of DIY. Simple arrangements would go a long way. If you like fresh flowers – you can buy it borong from places like Floristika (cheap.. I tell you..) and then arrange it yourself the night before the wedding.  But I warn you – the night before the wedding is very hectic so maybe tak sempat nak buat everything in one night. This is actually the reason that I used artificial flowers rather than fresh ones because if you use artificial flowers you can prepare your hantaran a week or even a month before the wedding (so less one headache on the night before the wedding itself).

People usually underestimate the amount of work you need to finish on the night before the wedding. I mean – you need to rebus telur for the bunga telur, house cleaning, set up pelamin, do the bunga telur and bunga manggar, iron the wedding attire (brides.. do remember about this). Do not forget the beras kunyit, bunga rampai, rose petals dan air mawar for the tepung tawar. Girls – do your henna at least 2 days before the event — just in case something went wrong warna inai tak naik — still have an extra day to repair it. And another thing we always forget – to do the direction signboards to the pengantin house. Always last minute baru nak buat.

In short – organise, organise, organise. Have a to do list and have someone be in charge of everything and he/she must be someone responsible/respected/experienced to make sure everything done as planned. It might be your official wedding planner or a relative or your parents.

Till then.. tata.

8 thoughts on “My hantaran for him

  1. thanx diah – my hantaran deco lepas wedding simpan kat umah jer lah berhabuk buat deco rumah. hehehehe…
    I siap cakap my mum – lepas nih my mum boleh ambik tempahan hias hantaran hehehe… tapi my mum kata — tak kuasa laaa…

  2. i also DIY my hantaran.. n i did the beadwork for my wedding dress myself.. it was tiring, but i saved a lot!
    bout d henna part.. cudn’t agree more. mine color x naik, n it was 1am already, my akad nikah was scheduled at 9am d next morning.. i cried.. really cried.. until someone found 1 tube of henna paste, very small 1. then suddenly i got 1 crazy idea.. i mixed my henna mixture with d henna paste.. n to make it more red.. i added some coffee powder & rose syrup.. hehe.. it worked!

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