Krabi Honeymoon – Part 1

Finally, after weeks of delaying, I am debuting my honeymoon pics on my blog. Firstly I hesitate to put my pics because — I looked so fat and ugly in it.😛 Got down with a bad case of conjunctivitis the moment we touch down. Yeah, instead of H1N1 — me ended up with conjunctivitis. 2nd day in Krabi – snorkel without contact lenses because it hurt so much. Luckily – I did not infect my hubby.

BTW – my hubby punya pics tak banyak yerk. He is very– very — camera shy. He said dia tak handsome konon-nya lah.. never mind – his wife would always think that he is the hottest, sexiest, most handsome man alive ….! Who also makes the nicest instant nasi briyani and the major reason his wife is getting fatter and fatter.

Enough of that blabbing… pics plz..

Flight: Air Asia. The whole 4 days and 3 nights package is only for Rm1.1 K for both of us inclusive of air plane and hotel stay. So only RM 550 per person. Cheap so cheap kan.

Hati2 Dengan H1N1 Ok..😀

And I only had praises for the hotel. Initially I was worried that the hotel won’t be as good as it shown on the website. I cannot find any good testimonial for it as it is very new. It is a sister hotel of Krabi La Playa – thus shared the same management. For Krabi La Playa – there are a lot of good reviews so I hoped that the good services would also apply to its sister company.

The hotel picked us up from the airport – you need to pay extra though as it is not included in the package. If you get some tour packages – try to include airport transfer into your package. You can always get a taxi or get a ride on their public bus or van for a much cheaper rate. As for me – I prefer convenience. From what I observe – the taxi rates ranges around 700 to 800 baht from airport to the Aonang Beach. Luckily – for my airport transfer – the hotel only charged 500 baht for a couple per trip.

The first day – we only laze around our room at the hotel. I LURVE THE ROOM… It was spacious. With a huge flat screen TV with iPOD connectivity so hubby can connect it to his iPOD. Because of that, we managed to marathon Amazing Race through out our honeymoon stay instead of watching some old movies on HBO. Cool, huh. We got a pool access room which is situated on the secluded side of the pool. Plus, we had our own jacuzzi which me and hubby enjoyed very very much. ^-^;;; Sorry – forgot to take pics of the jacuzzi but you can see the pool from the pic. The jacuzzi is just outside the sliding door from our room next to the platform. We had a table and garden chairs on our platform cm sort of balcony so technically we can actually have breakfast by the pool (but we didn’t though..😀 )  The sliding doors across if for the other rooms.

View from just outside of our room. Yup – boleh buka sliding door and straight jump into the pool. Best kan…

That first night – we makan at this place called Wanna’s Place. Swiss & Thai cuisine but we had thai food for dinner. I mean you are in Thailand kan. Harus lah makan masakan Thai, ok. Food in Krabi is very cheap – comparable to KL. And do not worry as a lot of Thai people here are Muslims so most of the restaurants here are halal.

Tom yam dia sedap. We also had green curry yang pun best. Tapi what i really luv is this.


It’s just like roti canai – but lighter.

You can order with so many choices of filling – my favourite is of course banana chocolate. you can also ask for peanut butter, strawberry jam, plain chocolate, plain banana, cheese, mango, honey etc. If you come here – please do try this. You won’t regret it.

To Be Continued

25 thoughts on “Krabi Honeymoon – Part 1

  1. anil – hehehe.. memang seronok.. yang kelakarnya.. sebelum kitorang pergi – tak kecoh pun pasal travel oversea ni – waktu tu baru 1 local transmission.. tapi balik jer thailand – keluar TV beratus2 kes baru h1n1.. terasa nasib baik sangat pergi awal.. kalau tak – tak merasa lah honeymoon kat krabi…

  2. best nyer krabi! wish i cud go there earlier. my honeymoon plan diverted from krabi to pangkor T_T sbb kes H1N1 la.. we both freaked out..

    takpela 1 fine day akan ku jejak kaki jugak..

  3. i’ll go to krabi next week. lantak la h1n1 ke h1n3 ke. semlm dh pi cucuk amik influenza vaccine. hopefully sume ok. ke mesia ni pun dh ramai yg kena swine flu ni so memane pun mcm same je. mcm mane u get the hotel to pickup erk. kena call dulu hotel tu ke? i pun amik package airasia.

  4. fad – I emailed the hotel first and tell them you like someone to pick you up. Ask how much it cost (pasal ada yang free but a few actually mark up the price also so be careful) . Do mention that you are on your honeymoon😀 .

  5. wah, bestnya bestnya..

    dah plan nak g krabi, even kawin nya lagi setahun, hehe.. i wanna go to bali, bf tak suka patung patung kat sana…

    so sila update pasal krabi banyak2 ek.. nak study!!!!! =)

  6. nurul – no prob. Part 2 I citer more on the islands trip and camner nak cari pakej islands murah ok.. but lambat sikit laa…😀

  7. oh, krabi senang dapat halal food eh, yeay! last time my trip to phuket challenging betul, except at kamala area as they’re mostly muslims.

    how long u kat sana ye? we’re thinking krabi too, hopefully with current H1N1 boleh lah dapat best deal coming MATTA fair ni😉

    *pray hard H1N1 sudah clean by feb ni *sigh*

  8. wlt – I stayed there 3 nights, 4 days. Halal food – you do have to ask around. Most of the restaurants does not serve pork. Burger king – ada jual pork burger so hati2 ok.

  9. hi there..

    glad to read that u enjoyed your vacation in Krabi. actually i was looking for info on H1N1 in Krabi as me n hubby r going to Krabi next 2 weeks.. n i came across your blog [which gives me some hope..thank God].. i am in sort of dilemma laaa whether nak go on ke or cancel je our trip tu. sedih la kalo cancel sbb smua dah byr. we have paid our airasia flight, sheraton hotel, island tour boat & car rental.. huhu

    my family ask me not to go, yet others tell me just keep going. isk isk. really dont know wut to do..😦

  10. well at the end of the day it is up to you. But personally right, kat malaysia pun even if you dont go anywhere overseas or anything pun boleh kena H1N1 so to me doesn’t make any difference whether vacation kat malaysia ke elsewhere.

  11. mcm mane subscribes package murah? which hotel korang stay (name of the hotel?)? dgn tavel agency mana korang subscribes? could giv me some info?

  12. ann – tak ada travel agency. AMbik package air asia yang sekali dengan hotel.. total for both of us RM1.1 K for 4 days 3 nights. You survey kat website air asia, banyak yang murah

  13. Thanks for your nice information of Krabi honeymoon. I am glad to read about your article, it’s very nice. I am also want to go to Krabi. In Krabi, foods are very cheap and good to eat. Wonderful pics!!! I like your post.

  14. Hello:)

    Boleh tau bulan brapa u pegi sana? i got the return ticket at price 896 for 2, mahal giler. and Krabi la playa 4D 3N for ard rm1,200. I am going this 7th December 2010. I just want to know if the price mmg mcm tu in December… bout the tix, mmg mahal sbb x dapat harga promo, n i was afraid if the price will go just booked😦

  15. hye =)
    i plan ke krabi dis december.. dh review airasia.go but hotel mana yg u stay n ada jacuzi?
    xcited btol baca pasal jacuzi 2❤

  16. salam..
    total u hbs brapa??i also plan to krabi this march.. 1.1 k tu x termasuk makan minum n activity la kan??

  17. hi anon – rm 1.1 k just tix pergi balik for both of us so RM550.
    For food n activities – I think another RM1K should be more than enough for both of you as long as you pick island activities yg provide lunch and pandai pilih restaurant for dinner… and tak gila2 shopping…

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