Baju nikah preview

Went with Eleena to see her tailor, Albert Yap who is based at Maytower Residence near Jalan TAR  for my baju nikah *which if it turns out much more gorgeous compared to the dress that I am renting from the bridal shop will ended up be my sanding dress.

The dress would be a A-line /mermaid-ish chiffon & satin-lined gown with lace cutouts and a lace bolero with satin lining. The cream lace material I got it from Jakel. The inspiration for it was the above pic.. I think it was a Manuel Mutta design from Pronovias…? I showed that pic to albert so he worked up a design based on that picture and also to my requirements which included

-not too sexy *the neck line would be very high as I am not keen of any accidental boob flashing and the bolero would cover more of my shoulders so it’ll look decent enough for nikah and won’t cause pak imam heart attack

– de-emphasize my boobs… *I need to lose weight too…

– make me look slimmer.. *obviously

Albert has a very pretty chiffon wedding gown he is working on that I just love at first sight so I do hope that mine would end up as gorgeous as that one.

And he is also doing my shoes to match the dress. The veil I will be reusing the one I used during engagement.

Can’t wait for the fitting.😀

Need to lose weight.. a lot too.. tsk tsk tsk…

7 thoughts on “Baju nikah preview

  1. hey girl.
    brilliant of you to do the list and would make easy for us to make preparation to get married.
    anyway,can i have albert yap number and possibly adress pls.
    thanks babe.

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